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You want to create something - and you have an inkling it could be great.

Maybe you even have a rough idea, or a couple of ingredients. But you're missing the recipe, the skills, the know-how, all the other elements. In fact, you don't even know where to start. We hear you, we feel you and we’ve got you. This is the place where it all comes together.
So – let’s get started on levelling up your brand.

this stuff will make your brand amazing

this stuff will turn your business into a brand

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The Sundae Agency likes building brands, meeting people. dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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Brand Playbook

There are principles and techniques that consistently transform businesses into trusted, attractive brands. The Brand Playbook (also known as a Brand Identity) covers who your brand is, how it behaves, and who you’re speaking to. We know what works and we’re keen to share. This doesn’t mean conforming to generic ideas of ‘good’ branding. It means finding out what makes you, you. It means moving from scattered ideas to focussed delivery; from hoping your brand comes together to ensuring it does.

Sound like something you need support with? We offer a full serve and a half serve option. First things first, we need to get to know you – send us an email.

Visual Brand Identity

Humans are visual creatures – we like looking at things we like. Sounds obvious, we know, but too many businesses fall flat on their face with poorly thought out or inconsistent visual branding. We politely suggest not doing this. How you look is the first thing your (potential) customers notice about you. Nailing this is vital. So, let’s nail it. Cue the Visual Brand ID and all things logo, colour palette, typekit and more. It’s time for your brand to look like your brand.

Want us to create a Visual Brand Identity for your brand? We have full and half serve options available. Help us figure out what would suit you best by sending us an email.

Social Media Strategy

OK, so you’ve chucked the odd photo onto Instagram, posted the occasional update on Facebook and now your business technically has a social media presence. But also, it doesn’t, does it? There’s no coherent and integrated engagement with your online community, no plan, no goals and that’s OK, you’ve been busy. Honestly, we understand. And while we’re being honest: social media is a massive time suck if you don’t have a strategy. But when you have one? Well – you instantly unlock access to countless potential customers, clients, collaborators, influencers and opportunities. So, get a strategy.

Help us help you; email us to tell us a bit more about your brand and some of the struggles you face when it comes to social media.


Design is the cherry on top of your brand. A very important cherry that should consistently reflect and enhance the tone, voice, personality and image of your brand. At The Sundae Agency, it’s no surprise we take design (and cherries) seriously. This is where you get to bring branding to life through bespoke design elements. Menus, business cards, signage, labels, take-away packaging, merchandise – anything that physically represents your brand, needs to look and feel like your brand.

Does your brand need a helping of graphic design, digital design or illustration? 

Content Creation

A brand’s content is like a restaurant’s food – and seeing as how content is literally what your audience consumes, we’re going to run with the simile. If the food is bad, the restaurant fails. Ditto content. That’s not fun. What’s fun is vibrant, on-brand content that engages customers. Happily, creating content of this quality is something The Sundae Agency does very well indeed. We offer copywriting and content services, additional design, photography and styling, and oodles of social media expertise.

Want to up your content game? Get in touch.


Wanna hang out? It’ll be fun; we can chat, have some lols and – oh yeah – rapidly achieve massive improvements in every area of your branding. And best of all, get super specific about your vision for where you want your business to be with our Founder

Melanie Mitchell. One-on-one or in a group, it’s all about tailoring the experience so you get the most out of it.

Melanie is currently running 3 workshops:

Brand Values Workshop
Helps with content marketing, partnerships and collaborations.

Social Media Workshop
Put a stop to social media anxiety.

Dream Customer Profiles Workshop
Helps with content marketing, partnerships and collaborations.

Feel like workshopping with Melanie? Email us and we’ll get it in her calendar. 


Brand Values

Brand Vision

Brand Promise

Brand Personality Profile

Dream Customer Profiles

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