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Sundae’s fave vegan Instagrammers

November, 2020
Words by Natasha Gamra
5 min read
This month we’re celebrating World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month. An annual opportunity to highlight the benefits of veganism for our bodies and the planet.

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie like we are, then you’ll probably spend hours on end scrolling through Instagram food pages. There are tonnes of vegan chefs, bloggers and influencers that have the best recipes and drool-worthy pics. Even if you’re not a full-time vegan, these Instagrammers will convince you to try it.

We’ve made a list of the top 10 vegan Instagrammers that you need to follow for the most delicious plant-based food content around.

Cherie Tu @thrivingonplants

Cherie’s Instagram grid will make you drool before you even click on the pictures. From stir fry to pancakes, cheesecake and burgers, everything looks out of this world. Click on her blog to search her colourful recipes.


Ella Mills @deliciouslyella

Bless your feed with the best #foodporn videos by following Deliciously Ella. Ella launched her blog and Instagram account when she started a plant-based diet after years of ill health and persistent digestive issues. Now she sells frozen meals and snacks in supermarkets while still running her blog and posting drool-worthy pics on Insta. Definite boss babe.


Max La Manna @maxlamanna  

A host for BBC Earth, Max La Manna creates videos showing how easy it is to cook plant-based meals. Bonus points, he released a cookbook called ‘More Plants Less Waste’; home to the most amazing recipes which are sure to convert you to plant-based eating immediately.


Andrea Hannemann @earthyandy  

Andrea Hannemann is a Hawaiin based mum of three beautiful boys and is a plant-based pro. Her feed encapsulates her Hawaiian lifestyle by mixing stunning tropical scenery with delicious vegan food. She has a knack for layering ingredients in decadent ways to create stunning vegan bowls; check out her rainbow bowl drizzled with peanut butter and maple syrup… oh and the brownie sundae bowl, we can’t get enough!


Berto Calkins @whatsgoodberto 

Based in New York City, Betro has a strong focus on combining plant-based eating with staying active to help keep your mental health in check. He keeps things simple (super important when you are doing the daily grind) but still totally delicious.


Chloe Coscarelli @chefchloe  

If you’re looking for vegan recipes that’ll satisfy your unhealthiest cravings, then Chef Chloe has got you covered. Her plant-based dupes of breakfast nachos, cinnamon rolls and mac and cheese will have you drooling over your phone screen.


Gaz Oakley @avantgardevegan  

A British based chef, Gaz Oakley is your answer for hearty English meals. His recreates traditional dishes like the toad in the hole, ‘fish’ and chips and scotch ‘eggs’ in an incredibly unique and vegan way.


Six Vegan Sisters @sixvegansisters

These six sisters (yes, we said 6) know their way around a plant-based pantry, and creating drool-worthy vegan desserts is their speciality. With cake batter fudge, choc-chip peanut butter cookie bars and frosted sugar cookies all gracing their feed, this is some dangerous (but delicious) territory.


Vegan Bowls @veganbowls

If you’ve craved it, then chances are these guys have made it (in a bowl of course). You’ve got your plant-based takes on pasta dishes, curries, cookies and ice-cream. It will encourage you to start cooking yesterday.


Tess Begg @tessbegg 

Tess Begg is a Sydney based vegan blogger who has developed numerous recipe eBooks, like Vegan Made Simple and Vegan Shopping Kit, designed to ease the switch from non-vegan to vegan if you’re considering it. Her feed is full of sweet and savoury goodies that are impossible to resist.


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