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The art of next-level branding

June, 2021
Words by Casey Grills
3 min read
You’ve nailed the logo – check. The tone of voice is sweet – check. You’ve even dipped your toe into organising your first photoshoot – check. So what else can you do to elevate your brand from being vanilla ice-cream to pistachio gelato (everyone’s favourite flave, amirite?). The answer is, branded illustration.

Like it or love it, illustration is here to stay and there are some very good reasons why most big brands have executed an illustration system across their branding in the past decade – think Facebook’s Alegria illustration system. These companies understand the importance of visual learning to create deeper connections and illustration helps to authentically communicate who you are by using visuals. Let’s do a quick dive into understanding why illustration is right for your brand.

1. It simplifies complexity

You know that old chestnut, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In our opinion, an illustration is worth a thousand pictures and words. An illustration can tell a detailed story without the need for surplus copy. Abstract ideas can be executed using illustration in a way that branded photography can’t (unless you have a bottomless budget and limitless resources). Illustrations can be used to communicate your more complex brand ideas in a direct and impactful way.

2. Builds a deeper connection

Branded illustration adds authenticity to your brand and reflects attention to detail. The fantastical nature of illustration connects with your audience through nostalgia (recalling cartoons and comics) and it also tells your audience that you care about your product or service enough to go the extra mile when presenting your brand story to them.

3. Elevates your brand story

An illustration system is the cherry on top of your brand identity. Unique illustration means a brand stands out from its competitors through this injection of personality. A well-designed illustration system can add depth to a brand by creating a unified voice across all of its products or services and also increases the range of messages that it’s communicating.

Lowdown is, branded illustration is a direct and heartfelt way to make an emotional connection with your customers through visual storytelling. Here, at Sundae, we know a thing or two about creating an illustration system, so if you’re ready to get deep and meaningful with your brand story, email us or fill out the contact form. We’d love to help you visualise your dream.