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A Hearty Helping of Hospitality Branding

As a hospitality branding agency, we understand that the food and beverage industry is a fast paced and competitive beast that caters to customers who regard loyalty, trust and quality highly. A unique brand identity is so important if your business is going to stand out and attract the right clientele, which is why we aim to create branding that is relatable, authentic, and compelling. This ensures that your business stands out from competitors. As Master Chefs in our field, we promise to serve up a branding dish that gets more guests coming through your doors and hungry for more.

Restaurant Branding Design - Here’s the Sauce!

Restaurant branding is designed to speak volumes about your restaurant's personality and identity. It expresses your values and mission, as well as conveys your concept and overall tone. A professional restaurant branding design creates an emotional connection with guests, which is something we specialise in creating. Your brand should speak volumes upon entering your restaurant and should stay cohesive throughout your service style, type of food and overall offering. Not only does quality restaurant branding increase loyalty, but it also attracts new guests who may be drawn to your brand through nifty marketing activities. As a hospitality branding agency, we ensure that these essential components are used when designing and creating a restaurant brand that is both memorable and cohesive.

Our Recipe For Whipping Up Great Restaurant Branding

Thinking Like Your Customer

There are so many variations of restaurants that range in levels of formality, price range, and the style of food on offer. We make sure that we tap into your concept and goals whilst also understanding your customer and what they want from the service you’re trying to create.

What’s Your Identity?

We can’t tell you enough how often brand identity is overlooked by aspiring restaurateurs. It is so important as it is the visual experiences that customers use to build and assimilate with a restaurant, bar or cafe. Simply put, we’ll poke and prod you until we are satisfied that we understand how you want to position your new entity and the ways in which you want your brand to communicate and connect with your desired customer base.

Be Different

Once we get an understanding of your intended business idea, we’ll start curating restaurant branding designs that make your concept standout from the rest. We aren’t strangers to being niche and unique which is why you can feel comfortable knowing our team of professionals will put together industry leading proposals that will be as distinctive as one of Heston Blumenthal’s quirky creations.


There’s So Much In A Name & Logo

Choosing a quality name is a key part in branding your restaurant. It should reflect your ethos and what you stand for as a food and beverage professional. Once we have a name, we can get started on your restaurant's logo and visual identity, ensuring it’s a visual element which guests will recognize and build loyalty towards.

Designing A Salivating Menu

A brilliant menu can go a long way in attracting prospective customers as it shows that the same love and effort that goes into your food has gone into creating a visually appetising menu. Another aspect that is often disregarded with menu design are the subtle ways in which you can entice customers to daily specials or suggestive ways that they can match their food choice with certain beverages. A menu can also be a great way to mention snippets of your story and what you stand for from a dining perspective. Either way, a beautifully designed menu is guaranteed to enhance dining experiences and is something not to be overlooked.

Your Go To For F&B Graphic Design

Great graphic design is one of the most crucial parts of whether your business is successful in the hospitality world or not. You might tick all the boxes when it comes to taste, service and location, but if your hospitality brand doesn’t “speak” to your consumers, and it doesn’t entice people to enter your doors, you can be left with many empty seats.

As an experienced bar & restaurant design agency, we understand what it takes to stand out from the competition… A hospitality brand that connects with people, is truly authentic, distinctive and meets the needs of your target market, all in the space of several seconds. It takes years to learn and perfect this craft, but luckily for you, we’re here to assist you in bringing your dream restaurant, bar or cafe to life.

The Sundae Agency likes building brands, meeting people. dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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