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FMCG Branding & Design

When it comes to FMCG branding, we know it can be a daunting task of assembling all your ‘business’s ingredients’ and cooking it up into something that really speaks to your consumers as a brand. That's where we come in. FMCG branding is our forte, kind of how profanity and a fiery temper are Gordon Ramsay’s. Either way, we can make sure the brand you wish to create will grab the attention of your audience and leave them salivating for more.

Our Recipe For FMCG Success

At Sundae Agency, we specialise in branding the stuff you eat and drink. From identity and content creation to strategy and creative design, our range of services will ensure your FMCG branding gets seen, is memorable and importantly, creates a loyal following.

Our recipe for successful FMCG branding revolves around three core values.

First, we want to make sure we fully grasp your company’s principles. Our aim is to help you realise your vision and we 100% believe that by completely immersing ourselves in what your business represents, we can turn your dream brand into a reality. Secondly, our goal is to ensure that we design each brand around collaboration, experience and creativity. Building a brand around its distinct and unique personality traits, making it special, quirky and inimitable.

Thirdly, we trust that no one knows your business better than you do, and while our aim is to help you realise your vision and build your brand, we also want to empower you with all the information you need to decide what’s best for you and your business at the end of the day.

Communicating Through Design

In a world where visual information is being thrown at us from all sorts of platforms in an assortment of mediums, communication through design is key to consistently reflect and enhance the tone, voice, personality and image of your brand.

At The Sundae Agency, we believe storytelling is an important aspect that should be incorporated throughout the branding process. Brands that are created by people with passion and vision are way more engaging and gripping. No matter what your story is, it has to come from the heart. And one of the best ways to tell your story is through design which is why we make it our mission to tell your story visually, and tell it well. Our aim is to make sure that your product image is portrayed in the most effective and meaningful way, and is completely and wholly aligned with your company’s vision and what you stand for. Whether its menus, business cards, signage, labels, take-away packaging, merchandise – anything that physically represents your brand, needs to look and feel like your brand. First impressions are lasting impressions which is why we’re all for authenticity, quality and proven FMCG design methods.

Did Someone Say, Packaging Design?

Have you ever found yourself perusing the aisles at your supermarket where your attention is abruptly pilfered by a product whose packaging is just so magnificently eye catching that before you know it, your hand has reached out and grabbed it? If you said yes, there is probably a group of designers somewhere (heck, it might even be Us!) giving each other a round of high fives because they have managed to draw in a potential consumer without even saying a word thanks to great FMCG design.

The FMCG landscape is a highly competitive and often saturated one. Pop down to your local Coles or Woolies where, unbelievably, you have access to over 20,000 products. Like any new or up-and-coming brand, just getting on shelf with one of these retailers is a feat in itself, but ensuring your product moves off shelf into the shopping baskets of consumers is just as important.

FMCG packaging design is a crucial element for the success of any brand.

Here are 5 ways in which FMCG packaging design can catapult your brand into the hands of shoppers.

Stay On Brand

Before considering FMCG packaging design, we’ll make sure that you have a strong brand strategy in place supported by captivating brand identity. This will translate to the establishment of your primary to secondary color palettes, logos & placements, negative space requirements, and much more, thus ensuring consistency across all mediums.

Know Your Who

The focus of FMCG packaging design is achieving implicit communication. The emphasis centres on how people connect instinctively and emotionally with a packaging’s design. By understanding your core target market, we can design packaging that will draw their attention and create interest.

Tapping Into Buyer Behaviours

There are three stages that a consumer goes through when making a buying decision that is directly related to excellent packaging. First is the trial stage where a shopper purchases an item solely because the packaging caught their eye. Secondly is the repeat stage where a consumer purchases the product again because they enjoy the aesthetics or appearance of the product. Lastly is the loyalty stage, where a consumer has changed brands because the packaging aligns with their purchasing persona (and no doubt the product itself is damn good too!).


We believe every brand has a personality that should be seen and enjoyed which is why we will always ask ourselves “how can we make this product jump out and grab the attention of a potential consumer?”. Our team of design gurus will effectively use contrast and colour schemes that serve as brand identifiers that can significantly increase brand recognition.

Parade Your Best Asset

Often, packaging can become convoluted by multiple messages thanks to an abundance of unnecessary information as a way to educate a consumer quickly. That might work sometimes but we believe keeping FMCG packaging design simple is the most effective strategy. We identify your product's best asset, in other words, what its primary features are to a consumer, and make sure that message is conveyed in a way that is engaging, easily absorbed and memorable.

Connecting through Aesthetics

As a food branding agency, we understand that great packaging and branding design starts with a clear idea of your brand and its identity. Things like,

  • What are you selling?
  • What makes it different?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • What is the company philosophy?
  • Why should someone buy your brand compared to others?
  • Experts within our food packaging design agency will make sure that every aspect of your food branding and package design fits with your brand identity.

    Successful food branding will give your customers a hearty appetite for your products or services, and we strive to achieve this in two ways:

    Creating Emotional Bonds With Customers

    The message that you send to customers through your packaging design is perceived on a subconscious level. People may not remember specifics, but they will memorise emotions and feelings that your brand creates through clever visual cues and designs.

    Distinguishing Your Brand From The Competition

    The purpose of food branding is to express personality and uniqueness so that you are not confused with similar brands on the market. We are meticulous with our market research as well as investigating current customer personas so that we can provide you with the best possible packaging design.

    The Sundae Agency likes building brands, meeting people. dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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