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Branding Design for Hospitality Gold Coast

The Sundae Agency truly understands that it's not just about bringing your business to life but designing it so uniquely and powerfully that it makes your product resonate with the right customer. We specialise in authentic and compelling food packaging design, restaurant branding and hospitality branding for Gold Coast businesses - adding a dash of quirky and unusual flair for good measure. People buy the businesses we help design due to one key ingredient; their ability to resonate strongly with their target audiences.

This is why we approach every aspect of our client’s business as a branding exercise - from their corporate operations to their customer relationships. We ensure that your unique offering continuously evolves, improves and adapts by carefully considering and understanding each of its ingredients.

Food Packaging Design Gold Coast

After months of tirelessly perfecting the tastes, aromas and general wholesomeness of your product, the next course of action is creating packaging that speaks volumes of your pride and joy. Why? As specialists in food packaging design on the Gold Coast, we know that effective design connects with people, is authentic, unique, and answers all the questions they have. It does all of this in a flash. We have four essential design rules that we live by which is guaranteed to elevate your product to the next level and importantly, make it competitive.

Rule #1: Research, Research, Research

While we know you're all tuckered out after months of product research and development, let's take a moment to look at packaging research from our perspective. What is being done by other companies in this field? Is there anyone doing it well, and why? In what ways does semiotics (that’s a fancy word for ‘signs in society’) apply to the category? Are there certain colours, fonts, materials and structures that best reflect your product benefits? Researching these aspects help to collate valuable information to assist us in whipping up an excellent F&B packaging design.

Rule #2: What's Your Story?

Branding and storytelling go hand in hand. Authenticity remains the most important characteristic of great brands today - they are built on stories that create connection, appeal and trust.

Building a brand requires knowing your story - who are you and why are you in the food business? What makes your food product unique? What can you do better? What is the source of your passion for food? Do you have any unique methods or recipes? Why should your customers tell their friends about your food? A great story always emerges when you ask the right questions, even though many people who start out in the food business don't believe they have a story to tell.

Rule #3: Eyes On The Target (Customer)

With so many packaged food options readily available both in stores and online today, customers have an array of choices at their fingertips. We believe that creating a brand which speaks to your customer, makes them smile, makes them feel good, and ultimately leads them to choose your product over your competitors, requires you to really understand them. That’s why we make customer research a top priority in our packaging design journey.

Rule #4: Being Smart About Design

There is a limited amount of space on most food packages, so it is important to make good use of it without overdoing it! Our extensive strategy experience of Gold Coast food packaging design, along with our nifty creative team, means we curate exceptional packaging designs, ensuring a product that is visible, informative and eye-catching.


Restaurant Branding Design Gold Coast

Restaurant and hospitality branding follow some of the same basic principles as food packaging design. Our goal, as an agency that specialises in Gold Coast restaurant branding design is to create a memorable brand tone that will leave your guests wanting more.

Our team of Gold Coast restaurant branding design experts offer an assortment of services – from branding & designs, to brand naming, logo, menu design and event branding through to online design & development. Pretty much anything that should have a logo on it (including the logo itself!) can be designed and implemented by us, ensuring your restaurant has the strongest brand presence and competitiveness.

In short, whether you're starting a restaurant or rebranding and updating your current look, we'll be there every step of the way to help you build a successful restaurant brand.

Hospitality Branding Gold Coast

At Sundae Agency, we specialise in and truly understand hospitality branding on the Gold Coast, despite its complexity and competitive nature. With hundreds of bars, restaurants, cafes, event spaces and hotels jam packed into one of Australia’s fastest growing tourism regions, the Gold Coast hospitality scene is one that many entrepreneurs want to break into or continue holding onto. Using our Gold Coast hospitality branding expertise, we take our four essential rules of branding and apply them to your hospitality business with the focus being to stand out from the competition and resonate with those that matter – your customers.

Why? A successful hospitality brand must differentiate itself from its competitors, just as packaging design or restaurant branding design does. To be successful, your brand must have a uniquely fresh identity with a solid market position. Therefore, our goal is to create relatable and authentic branding that harnesses your stories, captures the attention of your target market and creates loyalty among consumers.

The Sundae Agency likes building brands, meeting people. dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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