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Brisbane Branding Design for Hospitality

At The Sundae Agency, we truly believe that our duty is delivering restaurant and hospitality brands that are exceptionally unique and powerfully persuasive to the average consumer.

Our goal is to build authentic and compelling visuals, logos, menus and food packaging design in Brisbane, that has an extra sprinkle of unusual and quirky zest, leaving your consumers hungry for more. We take pride in our tried and “tasted” recipe for getting people to buy the brands we help to design, and it mainly consists of one key ingredient; our restaurant and hospitality brand designs build relationships with audiences.

This is why we approach every aspect of our client’s business as a detailed, creative exercise - from their corporate operations to their customer relationships. We ensure that your brand recipe continuously evolves, improves and adapts by carefully considering and understanding each of its ingredients.

Food Packaging Design Brisbane

Let’s be real - it’s taken months to perfect your product and you’ve worked tirelessly at getting it listed with the best retailers. But what is one of the most important aspects that customers look for after all your efforts? The packaging design of your product.

Successful food packaging design stands out from the rest, it connects with people, is truly authentic, unique and answers all the questions to what a customer is looking for. And it does all of this in the blink of an eye. As a food packaging design agency Brisbane, we have four essential design rules that we live by which is guaranteed to elevate your product to the next level.

Rule #1: Research, Research, Research

We aren’t afraid to take the time to research the market and understand from a food packaging perspective what makes your target consumer tick. We also assess what other brands are doing in your category in order to gather as much information as possible to provide a clearer understanding of what we’re up against. Who is doing it well, and why? What semiotics (that’s a fancy word for ‘signs in society’) apply to the category? Are there certain colours, fonts, materials and structures that best reflect your product benefits?

Rule #2: We Want Your Story

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of branding. Fast forward to today, and the same basic principles apply – great food & beverage brands are built on great stories that create connection, warmth, trust, and most importantly, authenticity. It’s crucial that we (and you) know your story before we start to build your F&B packaging – who are you and why are you in the food business? What does your food or beverage product deliver that no other product can? How do you do it better? Where does your passion come from? Is there anything unique about your methods or recipes? What do you want your customers to tell their friends about your product?

Many people starting out in the food & beverage business don’t believe they have a story and that it’s all about the product, but by asking the right questions a great story always emerges.

Rule #3: Understand Your Target Consumer

With so many packaged food options readily available in-store or at the click of a button, you need to really understand your customer to create an item that connects and resonates with them, makes them laugh or feel good about their purchasing decision and in the end leads them to pick your product instead of the competition’s.

Rule #4: Clever Design Can Go A Long Way

Most food products have limited space for labelling and visuals, with the result being a message that needs to be concise, attractive and memorable, in a very short space of time. It only takes a fraction of a second for your customers to form an opinion of your product! Our extensive experience of food packaging design in Brisbane, along with our nifty design team, means we curate exceptional packaging designs that tick those boxes, ensuring a product that is visible and interesting.


Restaurant Branding Design Brisbane

A lot of the same basic principles in food packaging design, also applies to restaurant and hospitality branding. When it comes to restaurant branding in Brisbane, we aim to create a memorable brand tone that leaves your guests feeling “wowed!” as well as creating a point of difference from your competitors.

Our team of restaurant branding design experts for Brisbane offer a smorgasbord of services – from logo to menu design and through to promotional and event graphic designs. Whatever visuals you require to elevate your restaurant or cafe, we can support you with the creative expertise.

So whether you're starting a restaurant or you're looking to rebrand and update your current look, we'll be there every step of the way to help you build a successful and exciting business that entices people in the door.

Hospitality Branding Brisbane

Despite the complexity and competitive nature of hospitality branding in Brisbane, we take pride in knowing that we are a dedicated agency that can create a refreshed, stimulating and striking aesthetic that can turn businesses around for the better.

Just as with food packaging design and restaurant branding design, a successful hospitality brand is built by distinguishing yourself from others. To be successful, your business must have a unique identity and a strong position in the market. Therefore our goal is to create relatable and authentic visuals that tell compelling stories. By doing this, your business will stand out from the rest. You can count on us, as Masters in our field, to serve up a branding dish that gets more people in your door, whether you’re a bar, winery restaurant or cafe!

The Sundae Agency likes building brands, meeting people. dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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