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5 awesome apps to recharge your finances

April, 2021
Words by Jaimie Scott
5 min read
You know that old chestnut about time being money? Well before you roll your eyes at an old cliché, here’s a list of apps that prove the case in point. These will hands down save you time and, therefore, money and – bonus! – a whole lotta stress.

1. Name: Eggy


Handy for: Organising your personal finances and life admin.
Why Jaimie loves it: “Because I get so busy paying my business (and client) bills, I don’t really remember my own bill due dates. Eggy stores everything from Medicare numbers to passport numbers, plus I can add bills with reminders that tell me when something is due. Less time thinking about bills is a big win in my book!”
Best suited for: Anyone that’s busy. So, everyone.

2. Name: Deputy


Handy for: Rostering and timesheets without the usual chaos.
Why Jaimie loves it: “This software rolls rostering, timesheets, awards and penalty rates all into the one place. Our favourite thing is that staff can log timesheets in real time from their phones and then the timesheets can be uploaded into the payroll system in just a few clicks – so easy! Less manual entry, less risk of errors and, most importantly, more time to spend on things you actually like doing.”
Best suited for: Businesses that want to ditch Excel timesheets and stop duplicating data entry tasks, and all for only $5.50 per user per month.

3. Name: Dashlane


Handy for: Safely storing passwords.
Why Jaimie loves it: “It securely stores all your passwords in a ‘vault’, and it even automatically logs into apps and sites (securely). No need to waste time resetting passwords for the third month in a row.”
Best suited for: Anyone with one million passwords to remember.

4. Name: Hubdoc


Handy for: Keeping financial documents, including invoices and receipts, all in one place.
Why Jaimie loves it: “I will lose a receipt 100 percent of the time, usually within seven minutes of making a purchase. Now, I can use Hubdoc to scan a receipt within three minutes of purchasing, lose the receipt and know that Hubdoc is looking after all my invoices and receipts for me.”
Best suited for: Every business that lodges a tax return with the ATO.

5. Name: Thrive – launching 2021


Handy for: Automating the financial admin of your business.
Why Jaimie loves it: “I haven’t used it yet, but the videos look amazing! This technology is going to disrupt how small businesses manage their finances. Thrive combines invoicing, expenses, tax and lending into the one app. It also auto-reconciles your bank accounts in real time. It can do everything! I can’t wait for it to launch.”
Best suited for: Small businesses and sole traders who hate dealing with financial admin, but aren’t big enough to outsource all that yet.

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